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It is always a good idea to provide entertainment for the guests that you will have at your wedding. Not only are you going to provide food, and the wedding itself, but you must also provide a reception. It is during the reception that you can either hire a wedding singer, usually part of a band, or you can hire a DJ. Either one of those choices will work out, but you might be wondering what the differences between a wedding band and a DJ that does weddings. Let’s discuss the differences and which one will likely be the best choice for you.

Bands That Play Weddings 

A wedding band is nothing more than a group that will play at weddings. They will have a wide range of songs that they will either choose or you will provide them with a playlist. These are musicians that likely have several different genres of music that they can play, allowing them to be as versatile as possible. One of the reasons that people will choose a wedding band is that it is live music. These are individuals that will bring their instruments, and they will emulate popular songs that you request. However, for those that are not concerned about having live music might want to consider using a DJ instead.

Wedding DJs 

A DJ is simply a person that will bring an assortment of tracks that they can play at a wedding. In the same way that a wedding band will have their own choices, or you can recommend choices to them, they will play the music that you will like. Weddings are unique in that the music that you hear is typically geared toward what the bride and groom would prefer. However, if they don’t have any preferences, they will be ready to play a series of songs that they believe will be appropriate for this setting.

Which One Should You Choose For Your Wedding?

Weddings can be a very good experience, especially once the ceremony is done. Part of that has to do with the entertainment that is provided, and it can come in the form of live music or music tracks that are played. It is really dependent upon the quality of the live music, and the cost of hiring a band when you are deciding on a band over a DJ. When you use a DJ, you know that the songs that you choose will sound the same as they have always been because they are recordings from the actual artists. Therefore, your choice when selecting between a band or DJ really comes down to price in most cases.

Benefits Of Using A Wedding Bands 

There are several benefits to using a wedding band over a DJ. First of all, wedding bands are typically associated with events that are expensive. People that attend will believe that you have paid top dollar for live music, and if the band is good, it’s something that will be much more memorable than simply having songs played in the background over loudspeakers. Additionally, wedding bands may have their own selection of music, and you may be familiar with the band that is going to play. This will allow you to hear music that you enjoy, and introduce your guests to live music that may also become some of their favorite music to listen to.

Benefits Of Using A DJ At A Wedding 

If you decide to use a DJ, you can save money most of the time. However, that depends on the DJ. There are some DJs that make an exceptional amount of money with every event that they play out because of their skills in popularity. However, if you just need a standard DJ to play music at your wedding, this will be the least expensive option in most cases. As long as they are willing to play the songs that you are requesting, this cost-effective choice might be the right one for your wedding.

Drawbacks To Using A Live Band

There are two main drawbacks to using a live band at a wedding. First of all, if you have never heard them before, they might not be that good. If it is a terrible band, this will ruin the setting of your wedding, making people wish they had not attended. Additionally, this will provide you with a negative memory of how terrible the music actually was. The other drawback is that the lead singer may get sick, or one of the other band members, and you would not be able to play any music all.

Drawbacks To Using A DJ 

The one drawback associated with using a DJ for your wedding is that they may be limited in regard to what they play. For example, if you have chosen a DJ that was a good deal, but they had a limited amount of music tracks to play, this could become very boring at your wedding. Most DJs will request a list of songs that you would like to play so they can have them ready at the reception. Otherwise, DJs are a great way to get relatively inexpensive entertainment at your wedding if you cannot afford a live band.

What Should Be Your Final Choice? 

The three factors to consider when choosing between a live band and a DJ include personal preference, cost, and availability. If you can find a band that you like that is affordable and is available on the day of your wedding, that will likely be your top choice. However, if you cannot find an available band or one that you like, you will know that the DJ can play every song that you will request. It will also help you save money, providing excellent entertainment for you, your spouse, and your guests.

In conclusion, most people will prefer to hire a live band doing they are planning their wedding. It has a better look and feels. People will definitely appreciate having live music there, and if the band is entertaining and friendly, it will be a good experience for everyone. However, if you are trying to save money, you can have a DJ come out instead. Either way, you will have music at your wedding that will make this special day even better.

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