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Nothing treats the newlyweds and their guests to a truly unique experience better than a live wedding band performing at the reception and/or ceremony. State Hood is one wedding band that you don’t want to discount when making your big day plans! We provide a completely customized, high-energy and totally engaging live music experience for wedding ceremonies and receptions. We’ll work with you to figure out the best playlist, including the songs that are near and dear to your heart. We know how to read the room and energize your guests to help you have a wedding day that nobody will forget.

The Top Wedding Band Music Songs


If you are planning a wedding, one of the top forms of entertainment that you can provide are songs that fit the mood. Since you are getting a wedding, on this special day, you will want to provide a wide range of music tracks that people will enjoy. Some of them will be geared toward representing this special day, whereas others will be apropos for dancing. Regardless of those choices, you also need to include songs that are your favorites. Let’s look at some of the top wedding bands music songs that have been played over the years, helping anyone to form a playlist for their up-and-coming wedding.

Why Is Music Played At A Wedding? 

The first question that many people may ask is why is it necessary to play music at a wedding at all. They may not realize how impactful it can be to hear the proper songs during the ceremony. If you did not have music, it might become awkward, as people may not have a lot to say. However, motivated by the tempo of a particular song, or the way that the song makes them all feel, it can increase their level of enjoyment at this special ceremony.

Why This Type Of Music Is Important 

When you watch a movie on television, you may not realize that the music that is chosen often forms the mood by which you are viewing the actors and actresses. Sometimes they will play upbeat music when they are doing something fun, or there will be dark music that will play when someone is facing a scary opponent. The music contributes to the visuals, and if done properly, it can make what you are seeing even more memorable and meaningful. In the same way, when you create a playlist for your wedding, you want it to be representative of this happy moment, but also meaningful.

Different Genres Of Music To Choose From 

Although you could play the top 10 favorites of the day, that’s not what you will typically hear at a wedding. There is specific music, a genre of music, that is most common during a wedding. You may also hear indie folk music, a string quartet, or a marching song. All of the songs are geared toward specific moments during the wedding, designed to enhance the overall experience.

Different Moments During The Wedding That Require Music 

Some of the moments that will need a specific song will include the grand entrance of the bride and groom. When they do their first dance, there needs to be a song that plays which both of them have some connection to. During dinner, there also needs to be music that is appropriate for consuming a meal with family and friends. Likewise, when people are going to the reception, or when the father and daughter dance, these songs must reflect the moment. There are other moments where you may or may not want music. For example, when they are doing the cake cutting, you might find it necessary to have a song. You will certainly need one during the bouquet toss, or the garter toss, as this will heighten the overall experience in that moment.

Popular Songs That Are Often Played At Weddings 

There are many popular songs, new and old, that have been played at weddings for years. For example, one of the more popular modern songs that you will hear at a wedding is Single Ladies, a song that was produced by Beyonce in 2008. After the bride and groom kiss, or when they are driving away from the wedding, you may want to play the song Happy by Pharrell Williams. One of the most iconic songs for a wedding is the song Don’t Stop Believin recorded in 1981 by the rock group journey. Finally, you might want something more subdued such as the Eric Clapton song Wonderful Tonight or My Girl by the temptations.

Does Each Event Actually Need A Song? 

It should be clear that there are only specific moments during the wedding ceremony that really do need specific music. As the bride is walking down the aisle, you can have the traditional organ or piano song that is played, or you could play Etta James At Last. There is also a song that should be played after the bride and groom kiss, which could be Over The Rainbow by Judy Garland. The rest of the songs are not really mandatory, just as it is not mandatory to play the traditional organ or piano music during these two iconic moments.

Should You Create A Separate Playlist For Dancing? 

This will be the easiest playlist to create and it is recommended that you make one. The other option is to simply have a DJ come in and tell them what genre of music you would prefer. Most DJs will know what type of music will get people dancing and will play those without needing any type of help at all. However, if you have specific music that you would like them to play, this must be provided to the disc jockey before they arrive so they can have that ready to go.

Other Songs That You May Want To Consider Playing At Your Wedding 

There are several other songs that will work very well within the context of a wedding. In regard to the reception and the dance, Footloose by Kenny Loggins would be a perfect choice. You might want to play We Found Love by Rihanna or even Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd. Blurred Lines is a very popular song that will get everyone in a good mood, sung by Robin Thicke, or the song Amazed by Lone Star.

Choosing music for a wedding is not a hard task. However, it might make you think about how each song will impact you, you are soon to be spouse, and also the people that will be there. Music is an integral part of every civilization, and it is certainly part of the wedding ceremony. By making your choices in advance, and coordinating all of these songs to be played, you will feel much better about the entire event. You will know that you will be with this person that you will potentially love the rest of your life and that everyone there will have fond memories supported by the music choices that you have made.

Wedding Bands Versus Weddings DJs


It is always a good idea to provide entertainment for the guests that you will have at your wedding. Not only are you going to provide food, and the wedding itself, but you must also provide a reception. It is during the reception that you can either hire a wedding singer, usually part of a band, or you can hire a DJ. Either one of those choices will work out, but you might be wondering what the differences between a wedding band and a DJ that does weddings. Let’s discuss the differences and which one will likely be the best choice for you.

Bands That Play Weddings 

A wedding band is nothing more than a group that will play at weddings. They will have a wide range of songs that they will either choose or you will provide them with a playlist. These are musicians that likely have several different genres of music that they can play, allowing them to be as versatile as possible. One of the reasons that people will choose a wedding band is that it is live music. These are individuals that will bring their instruments, and they will emulate popular songs that you request. However, for those that are not concerned about having live music might want to consider using a DJ instead.

Wedding DJs 

A DJ is simply a person that will bring an assortment of tracks that they can play at a wedding. In the same way that a wedding band will have their own choices, or you can recommend choices to them, they will play the music that you will like. Weddings are unique in that the music that you hear is typically geared toward what the bride and groom would prefer. However, if they don’t have any preferences, they will be ready to play a series of songs that they believe will be appropriate for this setting.

Which One Should You Choose For Your Wedding?

Weddings can be a very good experience, especially once the ceremony is done. Part of that has to do with the entertainment that is provided, and it can come in the form of live music or music tracks that are played. It is really dependent upon the quality of the live music, and the cost of hiring a band when you are deciding on a band over a DJ. When you use a DJ, you know that the songs that you choose will sound the same as they have always been because they are recordings from the actual artists. Therefore, your choice when selecting between a band or DJ really comes down to price in most cases.

Benefits Of Using A Wedding Bands 

There are several benefits to using a wedding band over a DJ. First of all, wedding bands are typically associated with events that are expensive. People that attend will believe that you have paid top dollar for live music, and if the band is good, it’s something that will be much more memorable than simply having songs played in the background over loudspeakers. Additionally, wedding bands may have their own selection of music, and you may be familiar with the band that is going to play. This will allow you to hear music that you enjoy, and introduce your guests to live music that may also become some of their favorite music to listen to.

Benefits Of Using A DJ At A Wedding 

If you decide to use a DJ, you can save money most of the time. However, that depends on the DJ. There are some DJs that make an exceptional amount of money with every event that they play out because of their skills in popularity. However, if you just need a standard DJ to play music at your wedding, this will be the least expensive option in most cases. As long as they are willing to play the songs that you are requesting, this cost-effective choice might be the right one for your wedding.

Drawbacks To Using A Live Band

There are two main drawbacks to using a live band at a wedding. First of all, if you have never heard them before, they might not be that good. If it is a terrible band, this will ruin the setting of your wedding, making people wish they had not attended. Additionally, this will provide you with a negative memory of how terrible the music actually was. The other drawback is that the lead singer may get sick, or one of the other band members, and you would not be able to play any music all.

Drawbacks To Using A DJ 

The one drawback associated with using a DJ for your wedding is that they may be limited in regard to what they play. For example, if you have chosen a DJ that was a good deal, but they had a limited amount of music tracks to play, this could become very boring at your wedding. Most DJs will request a list of songs that you would like to play so they can have them ready at the reception. Otherwise, DJs are a great way to get relatively inexpensive entertainment at your wedding if you cannot afford a live band.

What Should Be Your Final Choice? 

The three factors to consider when choosing between a live band and a DJ include personal preference, cost, and availability. If you can find a band that you like that is affordable and is available on the day of your wedding, that will likely be your top choice. However, if you cannot find an available band or one that you like, you will know that the DJ can play every song that you will request. It will also help you save money, providing excellent entertainment for you, your spouse, and your guests.

In conclusion, most people will prefer to hire a live band doing they are planning their wedding. It has a better look and feels. People will definitely appreciate having live music there, and if the band is entertaining and friendly, it will be a good experience for everyone. However, if you are trying to save money, you can have a DJ come out instead. Either way, you will have music at your wedding that will make this special day even better.

Learn About The Many Musical Types Of Wedding Bands


Based on the theme and style of your wedding, there are quite a few different types of wedding bands that you might pick from. In fact, if your budget allows it, you might even have the option of mixing and matching several different bands to get some variety going throughout your big day.

Still, before you know who to pick, it helps to know some of the styles available. Keep reading to learn some of the primary options you will have as you explore this market:

Celtic: You can choose a Celtic band even if your wedding isn’t Celtic themed. Of course, if it is, then it’s a great fit. They can play a barn dance or a ceilidh to spice up the day. These kinds of bands work out great for an outdoor wedding, particularly in rural settings, as their lively jigs and lilting melodies will make memories that last a long time.

Instrumental: The right instrumental ensemble can be a classy option. They’re ideal for before and after the actual ceremony, although they also work well for cocktail hour and even your wedding breakfast should you choose to have one. String quartets are always in style, but harp, flute, and cello ensembles are growing in popularity too.

Jazz And Blues: If you’re looking for a wedding reception that is as sophisticated as it is laid back, this is a great way to go. The right jazz band can play easy listening any time, venturing into slow jazz for a wedding breakfast or cocktail hour. They can also up both the volume and tempo for after-dinner dancing.

Latin: If dancing is going to be a high priority, then this is quite an effective option. Latin bands are also great at heating up summer weddings, especially outdoors. Book your band to play for several hours following dinner, so your guests can do the samba, salsa, and cha cha cha.


Pop: If you plan on an evening reception featuring a disco, then pop music makes for a good choice, especially with a young crowd. There can be something for everyone when hits are combined from the 60s through 90s, perhaps with a few contemporary tunes sprinkled in. Find some way of subtly letting the group know they can get a bit more risque when the grandparents head out for the night.

R&B: This makes for a modern and sultry wedding, particularly if your reception venue is either a night club or something close. R&B music covers many different tempos, so the same band can play all parts of the reception to add some soul to the day. However, this kind of music does work better in the evening.

Reggae: If you want an informal and laid-back wedding, this works great for something small, or even for second or later weddings. It’s almost a must for any event with a Caribbean theme. The right reggae group will make guests think the sun is shining even when it’s not.

Rock: Many wedding couples wouldn’t think of this, but if either of you are rockers at heart, then nothing else might even matter! Even a rock band should be able to customise their set to uplifting and light songs from many different decades. If you want something hard in there, try to start off with dance numbers everyone can do, before putting some heavy in the middle. Then finish things off with some lighter tunes.

Steel Drums: This is a great way to get the Caribbean vibe without the reggae if it’s not your thing. You can make a truly unique reception with a variety of styles, be it merengue, bossa nova, soca, or calypso.

Swing: The ideal blend of fun and glamour, the right swing band will keep feet tapping all day long. This is great for formal black tie events, and guests might be shocked to find out how many classic swing hits they already know.

Choosing your wedding music band should reflect your wedding, but you need to consider your guests too. What does your guest list look like? You want to cater to your own musical tastes, but there should be something for all generations and walks of life that are coming. A great wedding music band will make each guest feel like at least one song is played just for them.


You also need to consider the restrictions of your venue. Consider it’s shape and size. Does it have a special entertainment area or even a stage? Or is the band going to need some of the dance floors? A small venue might mean your band has to be a four-piece or smaller. Larger open spaces might allow for more performers. Check your venue for suggestions about bands they know fit and work well within their space.

You also need to know the length of time you need the band to fill. Most wedding bands will have five-song demos or something similar to present their skill and style. However, if you need someone to play for three or more hours, then things are a very different ballgame. If you can, experience wedding bands live in action to see if they’re able to hold up their energy level over a long set. Can they adapt to changing moods and play requests they get asked for?

There are other questions you should ask yourself, your venue, and the band. The answers need to be formally written into your contract. These questions include but are not limited to the following:

    • What are they going to wear?
    • How long do setup and sound checks take?
    • Will they learn your first dance music?
    • Can they make announcements about dances and cake cutting?
    • Could the extend the set if need be?
    • Just which musicians are going to play that day?
    • What sort of equipment are they going to have with them?
    • Do they have enough insurance and back-up equipment?

The downside is that you obviously have quite a few decisions to make in this process. The upsides are that there are many choices you can pick from for staggering variety and that each category has many good bands available to make your big day something special.

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Wedding Band

So, you’ve committed yourself to the decision to hire a wedding band. This is a great decision, as wedding bands provide a musical experience unmatched by even the best DJs. But choosing the right wedding band for the job isn’t a simple task. You can’t just book the first one to come along and expect the band to be the proper fit. Instead, it is in your best interest to interview several prospective bands before making your final decision.

In the brief guide below, we’ll show you some important questions that you should ask of every band that you interview during your wedding planning process.

Ask a Wedding Band These Questions Before Booking

“What is your performing style?”

This is important because the style of the band will influence the overall vibe, just like the style of the venue. A hard rockin’ band won’t fit in with a more sophisticated theme, for example.

“Can I attend one of your upcoming performances?”

It is always best to know exactly what you’re signing up for, and a wedding band is no exception. If the band has any upcoming performances, you should inquire about going to go see them with your own eyes and ears. This is the best way to confirm that the band’s style and musical aptitude is up to par.

“Do you bring all of your own equipment?”

It would be a bummer to have your wedding band show up on the big day, only to find that they were expecting you to provide some of the equipment. Make sure that the band provides the equipment needed if neither you nor the venue cannot/do not.

“Will you take a look at our venue?”

The band should be made aware of the acoustic qualities and size of your wedding or reception venue, if they aren’t familiar already. To guarantee this, the band should be more than willing to take a tour of your venue if they’ve never played there before.

“Can you play the songs that we consider important?”

You should already know which songs that you consider vital to your wedding and/or reception. Make sure that the band can play them to your specifications, lest you end up disappointed on your big day.

“Who will be setting up the equipment?”

If someone other than the band members themselves are going to be setting up sound, lighting or any other type of equipment, the venue coordinator should know to expect them and learn their name. This helps to ensure that everything will go smoothly on your wedding day.

Of course, there is no such thing as a bad question when it comes to something as important as planning any aspect of your wedding. While you should definitely ask the questions above, you absolutely should ask any other questions that come to mind.

Here’s Why You Should Hire a Wedding Band for Your Big Day

A wedding is one of those milestones that are meant to never be forgotten – by the newlyweds and by the guests who have been privileged to witness their union. Most weddings and receptions are very carefully planned, down to the last detail, to make sure that everything is perfect. There are many decisions, big and small, to make along the wedding planning process. One of the biggest decisions to be made is how the couple intends to handle the music.

Music is everything for a wedding and a reception. It sets the mood. And when you’re wedding planning, you’ve got options – DJs, digital playlists, and wedding bands. In this article, we’ll give you three very compelling reasons to book a wedding band for your celebration of love and unity.

Why Wedding Bands?

Many people mistakenly see wedding bands as an unnecessarily lavish expense that doesn’t do all that much to enhance a wedding and/or reception. But those people couldn’t be more wrong. In reality, a wedding band can take a nice wedding day and turn it into an unforgettable live musical event!

Personalized Set Lists

Do you and your soon-to-be spouse have a song that you consider “your song?” A song that you would love to have played at your wedding or reception but perhaps you’d like it performed in a different style? A wedding band can take your favorite hard rock jam and dial it down to play in a way that nobody’s ever heard before. How about an instrumental-only version of your song? If you have a very specific desire in mind for any type of variation, a wedding band can make it happen!

Treat Your Guests

Who doesn’t love the idea of a personal concert, just for them? A live band performance at your wedding treats your guests to exactly that. The performers know how to read a room and create the vibe that you want to invoke, from slow dances to full-on dance floor exuberance. You and your guests will never forget the thrill of a live performance, just like nobody forgets a great concert at an arena or ballroom.

Choose the Perfect Band

Not all wedding bands are traditional, 4-piece ensembles. You have a world of options in front of you when you decide to take this route. These options range from single performers with nothing but their voices and an instrument to large brass bands that will make your guests all want to do the swing. Your options are only limited by your imagination, your budget, and the size of your venue!

Wedding bands provide a musical experience unlike any other. With these three benefits in mind, you can make the best decision as you move forward with your wedding planning.

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